Who We Are?

As we are an eccentric brewery with unique equipment, we want to make sure that any customer who comes to OEC can get their OEC questions answered.

Hence, every time the tasting room is open to the public – we make sure one of our brewers or the brewer’s wife is around to answer any or all questions. So you want to meet the brewer or brewer’s wife – stop by any time the tasting room is open and one of us will be there to answer your question. Ben, Tony, Dave and Jie rotate weekly so one of us will always be available whenever the tasting room is open.

Ben Neidhart
Owner/founder/head-brewer/head-blender/recipe creator/label designer/name creator and anything else that is needed to keep OEC running, which of course includes a lot of crisis management as we all know nothing ever runs smoothly.

Want to find Ben? Well so does the rest of his team. Ben is usually the one who is zipping around – never stationary for long. The running joke is that we need to implant a tracking device on Ben so we can find him.

Tony Pellino
Assistant-brewer/blender/assistant recipe creator/name creator/keeper of all things social media related/OEC tour operator/Malt smoker/OEC jerky maker (check social media to see when the next available batch will be). Editor of Nepenthiology – OEC/B. United weekly blog where you can find lots of interesting articles about the stuff that we do. Tony is also the keeper of all bottles at big bottle releases such as Experimentalis Day, Oudilis Day, and our Anniversaries. Wonder who that guy is who controls the bottle sales on those days – that is Tony. Always the first one you see on those days.

Media & PR inquiries – please contact Tony Pellino at info at oecbrewing.com or any email inquiry via social media (facebook, twitter, and others).

Dave Linari
Assitant brewer/lab assistant/beekeeper and jack of all trades including OEC woodmaker. Any mechanic needs at OEC – Dave is on it. Whenever something breaks – Dave is called. Those lovely Adirondack chairs outside OEC brewery are made by Dave from old barrels. Also in charge of the beehives that we have on our property and helps with lab analysis of OEC beers.

Jie Yu
Wife of owner/founder Ben Neidhart. Manages all things tasting room related so that we can open for you. Deals with all OEC finances and state/federal government paperwork so OEC can run smoothly behind the scenes, so Ben, Tony and Dave can brew the crazy beers for you.

Rob Newman
Master of the lab and yeast wrangler. He cultivates and propagate the OEC yeast strains. He also helps with all things OEC tasting room from cleaning our lines weekly to filling/labeling bottles and anything else that might arise. Ever wonder who is that guy who you see every Saturday without fail? That is Rob. He is our permanent Saturday guy except for EBF weekend. Everyone else rotates.

Clark Johnson
OEC & Zymatore Cellar Master. With over 300+ (maybe even up to 500 now but who is counting) barrels in our collection - Clark is constantly sampling barrels and helping blend different barrels to create our wonderful concoctions. Clark also helps in the warehouse with picking orders, cleaning kegs, filling kegs and filling & labeling bottles.

Rebecca Smith
Newest tasting room addition - you can find Rebecca in the tasting room most Saturdays pouring your flights, pulling your growlers, and demanding the 90s hip hop Pandora station get plenty of air time. She is as excited as you are to taste our newest concoctions and chat with you about them. Whatever is our most sour offering that day will be in her glass, and yours too if you leave it up to her!

Bud Britton
Bud is in charge of the OEC Bottle Line at all major bottle release events (Experimentalis, Oudilis & Anniversary). If you need a bottle ticket - he is your guy.

Fred "Mini Australian Shephard"
Our mini Australian Shepard provides comical relief for the whole crew. Stealer of coffee cups or anything plastic (pens especially). Loves to beg for food with the cutest sit and chase frisbees. If you stop by during the weekdays, Fred is the first one to greet you. Don't be intimidated by his bark as he is very friendly. Fred's day off is Saturday and Sunday where he is at home getting his beauty sleep.